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The Foundation for Public Interest Law and Development (FPIL&D) also known as (The Pro Bono Centre) is an organisation founded in 2019 by a group of passionate lawyers. The organization was created with the primary objective of ensuring that Africa is a society that works for all.

We use Legal Research, strategic litigation, advocacy, and legal empowerment to promote and advocate for issues of public interest law and sustainable development. We also raise informed citizens that will engage the government on laws and policies demanding accountability, good governance and development, and we help people in need of legal assistance by connecting them to volunteer lawyers willing to render pro bono legal services.

"Over 3 Years of Accomplishments”

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Our mission is to protect and defend Nigerian's Rights.





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Our Mission and Goals

We provide legal assistance to the indigent and vulnerable by connecting them to volunteer lawyers willing to render pro bono legal services. We civil cases in such divorces, deceased estate disputes, child custody tenancy, labour matters etc. Our approach is to help people find solace in the justice sector by helping them resolve their most pressing justice problems. The aim is to provide access to justice to all who need it.


The Foundation for Public Interest Law and Development (FPILD) envisions a society where citizens are legally empowered to ask question, participate in decision making processes and realise their full potentials. We see a country where the rule of law, accountability, transparency, and good governance are upheld, and where justice is accessible to all, particularly the underprivileged and marginalized.


The mission of the Foundation for Public Interest Law and Development (FPILD) is to protect and defend the fundamental rights of Nigerians through research, advocacy, and litigation.

Our Goals

Ultimate Goal

Promoting equality, justice, and egalitarianism in society based on the rule of law.

Empowered Citizens.

Empowering citizens through legal research, education, and advocacy on public interest law, access to justice, rule of law, civil rights, and development.

Informed Army.

Building an army of informed and engaged individuals to work towards a fair and just society.